April 03, 2009

Add to your Passover Seder for Children

One of the 613 mitzvot is to retell the Passover story and pass the history on to the children. I believe it is our job to make Peasch FUN! not long and boring. My children attended the Jewish Community Center Keshet Preschool in Atlanta while Ruby Goldstein was director; she spent much time sharing information with me. One of the tricks she taught me was recreating the parting of the red sea, which we do at each seder.

To do this at your seder, create a red sea in a bowl with water and food coloring. On the top spinkle a generous amount of black pepper. Add this as a centerpiece for your table. When the time comes during the seder, take the youngest child into the kitchen and put a little bit of dish soap (Shhh! Don't tell everyone what you did.) on the end of their finger. Bring them back into the "theater" and help them drag their finger through the middle of the red sea to part the waters. I am working on this as my next Mitzvah Minded plaque image. This is my first draft.

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