September 28, 2011

Magnolia Art -- Thirty ACEOs Framed as One

For the past four years, I have been photographing the magnolia each Spring as it blooms for just a few days in different locations.

Recently, I created a new piece of art combining thirty of the images into one framed piece. It is pictured to the left. Watch the YouTube video of the images set to Zac Brown Band's "Free." Information about the titles and magnolias is below.

September 20, 2011

Slow Exposures Exhibit Closes on Saturday - Don't Miss It!

There aren't a lot of photography shows that benefit a county, public buildings or the land. But does! This was the most fun photography show I have participated in. They had a soiree, a ball and a book of the images all as part of the fundraiser for a neighborhood in need. This year's show benefited the Whiskey Bonding Barn in Pike County, Georgia.

Show Book $50 and name tags
 Even though I had another art festival this past weekend, I attended the show. I hope you take the drive down south and explore the art and the city before it's over on September 25th. Here are a few photographs from the Ball and Exhibit. My image titled Slow Dance was juried into the show. P.S. These photographs were taken with my iPhone... so they are lacking a bit, but you can get the idea. This was definitely a first class event!

September 16, 2011

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh is a Great Choice for Flower Lovers

The Language of Flowers is a delightful story about a young girl finding her way in a world with odds stacked against her. Victoria spends her days causing trouble in school (which she doesn't like) moves from foster home to foster home and never lives somewhere long enough to make roots. The book is about Victoria finding her way, figuring out how to support herself, finding family and putting down roots through the flowers!
Vanessa Diffenbaugh's book is for you if you are a florist, gardener, foster parent, adopted child, or child in a foster home. If you are out of work or looking for your calling in life, this book could help you find direction.

As a floral photographer, I really enjoyed this book and its information about the meaning of flowers. It also talked about the contradictory meanings, which was helpful too. My favorite part was when Victoria learned how to photograph flowers. This discussion was interesting and factual. And, in the middle of the summer, Victoria is searching for a blooming Cherry tree. That made me chuckle and roll my eyes. I'd love to find blooming cherry trees year-round. But then the photographs and beautiful trees wouldn't mean so much.
Cherry for Victoria
In its heart, the book is also a wonderful love story of Victoria and Grant. And, too, a sweet picture of a mother's love and the hard part about having a new baby. I'm not sure how Vanessa Diffenbaugh pulled all this together neatly in one story, but nothing seems forced. There is much to learn here in this work of fiction. And, a few tears to shed as well. There was one part of the book... that was especially surprising to me. You will know after  you listen to CD #9.

I listened to this book, but will purchase a copy to highlight and reread. The meanings will be perfect photography titles.

September 09, 2011

September's Slow Dance

Slow Dance
This month is jam packed. I have four art festivals: Marietta Art in the Park, Birmingham Artwalk, Roswell Arts Festival, and Charlotte's Art in the Park. All of these festivals are new to me. See my show schedule here.

On the 3rd, I opened my exhibit of 12 images titled Georgia's State Parks at REI Perimeter in Atlanta.

Slow Exposures is opening on the 16th... I dropped off my photograph titled Slow Dance and 3 prints yesterday.

Women In Focus' juried photography show is opening on the 16th at Mason Murer art gallery in Atlanta. My hydrangea image titled Twist-n-Shout was selected for this exhibit. You can see it on my webpage.

I remember thinking when I read Gary Vaynerchuk's book Crush It that there was no way I would work every minute. I thought, "I won't have time for that with three kids." But I have found time. This past spring I remember packing for my trip to Colorado, and running outside with my camera and snapping  up the neighbor's dogwoods. (I knew they wouldn't be blooming when I returned.) In those few minutes I captured many beautiful photographs like the one above.

Yes, I did attend to my children's open house last night. We had two home-cooked meals this week. In a lot of ways this September seems surreal. I am very lucky that all these events have fallen into place.

This morning many areas in the Northeast are flooding, the fires are burning in Texas, much of California is without power, and September 11 is almost upon us, but take my image with you. It reminds me to dance slowly. Enjoy each activity like it's your first slow dance in high school.