December 03, 2009

Mints and Olives with Pepper

I really LOVE making treasuries. It is so fun to pull together random items from Etsy that look good together and form a theme.

"Definitely my favorite color forever... I love green!" was my comment on this treasury. I thought it funny to use the food names for this treasury right before the last listing expired. Kind of a take on Christmas without using the traditional Christmas green.

Treasuries expire soon. So click and comment right now. Mints and Olives with Pepper.

Lots of Christmas treasuries out there. And, tons of items tagged with Christmas. I added my Christmas Mag as an alternate in this treasury, but in the end decided to use other people's work. Here's my image. It is a photograph I printed on canvas and then highlighted with acrylic paint. I am enjoying painting and look forward to creating many of these works. Ultimately I want to sell these in art festivals. This retails for $39. Here is the Etsy link to Christmas Mag.

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