June 27, 2010

Tom Cruise Crush

Oh I like to watch Tom in action! With three children, I am not usually able to pick the movie I want to attend. I did add Knight and Day to my calendar though. It was released in theaters this past Wednesday. My oldest son reminded me on Friday, and I stopped and bought tickets.

It was perfect. I had to remind my youngest that Tom could not die during the movie, or it just wouldn't work. I was right! The plot was not that thick, but there was one. There was lots of action. Action with and without Cameron Diaz, who has the prettiest smile. Tom's smile is right there too! One of my favorite threads was the Knight family winning the Clearing House sweepstakes twice. This movie is about family. I will say too, that the love interest develops very naturally, which makes it one of the more credible romances I have seen on the big screen. And, yes, this is really action/spy movie.

Top Gun (Widescreen Special Collector's Edition)I like how the action moves between cities/countries. (It was primarily filmed in Massachusetts according to IMDB.) From a photography perspective, this film is more about people photography with great shots of Tom and Cameron. And, Cameron Diaz drives a beautiful GTO. The ending is just sweet. It gives me a good, hopeful feeling every time I remember them off to...

Gone in 60 SecondsOh and there is a classic motorcycle ride in this movie to rival the Top Gun (trivia link) motorcycle ride.

There are other heroes I like to watch. I am a James Bond fan through and through. And, I am crazy about Nicolas Cage as well. His Gone in 60 Seconds is a cool car flick. we watched this again tonight and would you believe that in the opening scene the police officer in charge of the car theft case says, "Impound these cars for 30 days. I don't care if it belongs to Tom Cruise."

I didn't realize that Nicolas Cage trained and performed most of the stunts in this movie. Gone in 60 Seconds (trivia link) has some drug references, which keeps me from letting the kids watch it, but, from my perspective, a great movie about families and taking care of each other, honoring those relationships. And, there is lots of action and suspense. And, Eleanor.


PussDaddy said...

I used to really like Tom and Nicholas too. Then they both got stupid. One has his scientology trip and the other his Elvis fetish. I don't know what it is about stardom that makes you stupid once you are considered "successful".


readingsully2 said...

Thanks for the review. :)