March 26, 2011

High Falls Georgia State Park Right Off Interstate 75

If you are looking for an escape from the everyday, High Falls is just a few minutes off of Interstate 75 about one hour south of Atlanta. We stayed at High Falls a few years ago because I really enjoyed mountain biking at near by Dauset Trails. There is an easy trail that is beautiful. It will certainly get your family hooked on mountain biking. Take 1,2,3,11,18,19,20. Moonshine Trail is the really pretty part, if I remember.

One of the first times I went camping with my kids, we stayed at High Falls. When we arrived, there were three college age boys putting together their tent. My children and I pulled out our REI base camp 6 and together had the tent set up before the young men finished figuring their tent out. That night it rained heavily... but my REI tent with a liner underneathe kept us very dry. In the morning, I noticed the college students were long gone.

But as you notice on the Dauset Trails Map, Indian Springs State Park is right near Dauset and may be a better choice for scenery.

High Falls State Park
76 High Falls Park Dr
Jackson , GA 30233

(I am visiting, photographing, and blogging all of the GA state parks in one year. This is park number 12 out of 48.)

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