June 21, 2011

Beauty in Black Rock Mountain Georgia State Park

Even the drive to Black Rock Mountain State Park is beautiful. The typical Georgia terrain gives way to rolling hills and mountain views driving north from Buford on Interstate 985. This highway is a four lane highway with just a few stop lights.

The rhododendrons are beautiful in the state park. I have never seen so many growing along the sides of the roads. There were many blooming. Here is a photograph to give you the "picture."

The Georgia state bird, the brown thrasher, was making loud clicking noises. Here is a photograph.

The scenery at the road side viewing areas are gorgeous. Here is a photograph from the Blue Ridge overlook.
The park is located at

Black Rock Mountain State Park
3085 Black Rock Mountain Parkway,
Mountain City , GA 30562

(I am visiting, photographing, and blogging all of the GA state parks in one year. This is park number 14 out of 48.)

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