November 22, 2011


Today, I will share a little about me. Here are photographs of a pink camellia bush. Yes, I do always drive and walk around looking for flowers. No, I don't carry my camera with me all the time. I find I have to be in the mood. Plus usually, if it's worth photographing (for me) it's worth driving back to. I can tell you where a lot of pretty flowers live.

Since, I didn't study flowers in college, I am learning hands on and really marvel when I discover something new. I remember specifically the first time I saw a camellia tree blooming. It was at the children's dentist. You know that shocked feeling... that's what I sense when I find a new flower or discover something I didn't know about flowers. I usually photograph a flower during its peak. Each time I have ideas about what I want from the picture and may wait a whole year for the right shot.

I discovered what may be a camellia (no flowers, yet) growing in my yard today and cleared out the ivy from nearby. Happy Thanksgiving!


Frugal in WV said...

My mom had a number of camilla bushes growing up, I absolutely love them :) Great photos! New follower from bloggy moms, have a great evening! You can find me at
Stop by when you get the chance :)

MagMoment said...

We grew raspberries and cucumbers when I was a child and annuals, but nothing as spectacular as a camellia. Thanks for the note and thought. Off to check your blog out. Thanks for following and fanning! Hazel

Melanie Schwaesdall said...

What a beautiful blog! I love your photos.
I am your newest follower!

You can find me at:

MagMoment said...

Melanie! Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! I'll go check out your blog.

Jean said...

I wish they had Camilla bushes in Hawaii. The flowers are beautiful! The pictures are amazing. Love your blog! Found you on followed you on google/twitter/fb, etc. Look forward to reading more of your work!