February 18, 2012

What to do with QR Codes

In designing the brochure for my photography class, I wanted people to go to the link to sign up. It's a long path etc, so a QR Code seemed appropriate. Here is the brochure for the next class.

The QR code is in the bottom right of this brochure. Scan the QR code to find the web address about this class. This is the first application I have found for the codes. A QR code can contain an email address, website URL, a phone number or other information.

Another obvious use would be to include a QR code for my website address on my "About the Artist" that I have hanging on the wall at art festivals. There technical savy folks will pull up the site, book mark it, and remember me.

Where will you put the your codes? I created the code using http://www.qrstuff.com/. You need to download the software for your phone to scan the code. 

P.S. If you live near Watson Mill Bridge Park (Athens, Georgia), please print the brochure and take it to a coffee shop to hang.  Let me know you did it and I'll send you a thank you! The pdf is here. To view the web page about my photography classes, click here.


Tim Forrest said...

Hi Mrs. Berger,

Thank you for your article.

QR Codes can be very positive for folks. I like to suggest folks use them to take prospects and clients to their facebook page and ask for a 'like.'

Getting them to like you at an event provides an opportunity convert in the future into clients.


Have a great day.


MagMoment said...

Thanks, Tim. I saw a photography studio this weekend that had two QR codes in the window. One was for their facebook page, another for their website.