March 01, 2009

Something Different at Blockbuster!

I decided to rewatch a recent James Bond film yesterday, but as I viewed the trailers, I changed my mind and wanted to rent The Holiday. So, I drove to Blockbuster Video. At first, I couldn't find the video and a saleswoman pointed me in the right direction. There were two copies of the film. As I was checking out, I told the employee my story about the trailers and he said, "If you like The Holiday, there is another really good movie you will have to see." He was thinking and remembered, "It's The Family Stone; you will have to rent it."

So, I have been going to Blockbuster for 20 years, and I just got my first personal recommendation. I like this better than the recommendations at amazon because it came from a live person. I'll be interested if this happens again. What a marketing idea ! Wow!

I enjoyed my movie. The 2006 release, The Holiday is a great chick flick. Two women are tired of dating having just broken up with boyfriends and decide to exchange homes in two different countries. Yes, of course, they meet new men... This movie is loaded with stars: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Eli Wallach and Jack Black. It is rated PG-13. The plot is credible and includes a nice subplot in that Iris (Kate Winslet) meets her neighbor Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach) who educates her in the film industry and relationships. It is worth buying because it's a nice uplifting film.

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Cultured Mom said...

I noticed yesterday that Borders has a new section with huge signs that say, "If you like Dan Brown..." and next to the sign is a display of books that you will like. This is amazon at the bookstore, like the blockbuster comment above. I guess amazon really has a good thing going if everyone is copying it!