February 27, 2009

The Garden

I heard someone make a comment about Monet at our photography meeting on Monday night. I was thinking... if only I could be so successful! But I write about him because I am copying his idea. I planted many bulbs this past Fall because I wanted to photograph certain color flowers.

One of my recommendations to artists is to take photographs, paint or draw in your own neighborhood because you have the advantage of seeing it every day. You have a unique world that many other artists do not visit. Your home can be your niche area... like Monet's. He designed his gardens and lily ponds. Isn't that cool!

So the tulip and iris leaves are about 4-5 inches out of the ground now. Any day we will see color. I can't wait to see exactly what shades they are and how they look in the sun and shadows. One of my neighbors has a gorgeous Japanese Magnolia... so stay tuned for that. It blooms for only one week. I took photos each day last year. Above is an image from that grouping.

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