January 01, 2010

New Year's Day Hike

On New Year's Day, we traveled just west of Calhoun, Georgia to visit Keown Falls on John's Mountain. The hike consists of two loops: a moderate 1.8 mile loop to the falls and a more difficult 3.5 mile loop hike up to the view the valley (mileage according to Highroad Guide to the Georgia Mountains.) This area is in this book on pages 38-39. The hike to the top was harder, and there were many times I thought my heart was going to race right into an attack, but I survived and even declared "That was FUN!"

I have not hiked much, so this is a great blog to bookmark as I begin hiking. My preference is to bike, but it is too cold to bike in the winter. I cannot wait to return to Kennesaw and John's Mountain in the Spring looking for flowers!

But the best part, of course, was what I was able to do with my camera. I did wonder out loud if there were photographers who hired people to tag a long on hikes to carry the camera. I would like this...

(And, I was looking forward to a day of knitting in front of football. But... I did knit in the car back and forth.) This hiking spot is about one hour northwest of Atlanta. The guide books says that the waterfalls may be dry in the summer, but that wasn't what impressed me, obviously.


Marlene said...

Beautiful Countryside and great photos. I am tired now just thinking of all that hiking and must go rest.

Hand knitted Things said...

Hi! Your blog is lovely! I love your photos and etsy shop. Being a keen hiker I have enjoyed looking at and read about your walks. Thank you so much for including my shawl in your recent favourites.

Best regards