May 10, 2010

Billy Currington's Cup of Joe

Billy Currington is all country and has many great songs. My favorite songs of his are "Good Directions" and "People are Crazy." "People are Crazy" can be found on The Little Bit of Everything CD. There is a story in this one that surprises you when you are listening. It's chorus says, "God is great, beer is good, people are crazy." The song explains what one crazy person did with all his money.

I started writing this blog because the lyrics in Everything refer to cup of joe, which I gathered was coffee, but have wanted to know for certain. Currington sings.

"The way you stumble in the kitchen
Lookin' for that first cup of joe
How you put on your mascara starin' in the mirror
On your tippy toes
If you wonder why I love you baby
I can't boil it down to just one thing, yeah
Every little thing about you baby
Turns me on (if it ain't one thing it's another)"

So a friend of mine posted a blog about joe this week, so here's the scoop on joe.

"Good directions" is another story in song. This one is about a boy selling turnips who encounters a cute girl. He sends her on her way, but wishes he'd been a little more assertive. This song is on the Doin Something Right CD.


Lynn said...

Hazel, Great post; really enjoyed and 'know' the line:

"The way you stumble in the kitchen
Lookin' for that first cup of joe..."

Thanks for the shout out to the Mama Says blog. Glad we were all thinking about coffee and a cup of joe!

readingsully2 said...

Love country music. :)