May 03, 2010

Magnolias on Magnolia Street

Dear Carine, Thank you so much for allowing me to hang my images in your tea house. I am crazy about magnolias and how fitting the restaurant is on Magnolia Street. I have polished up thirty-two of my images that are of the beautiful tree. This is a very exciting happening in my life. I hope that your customers enjoy the art. Hazel

Dear Gittel, Thanks so much for your hours of volunteering as our president for Women in Focus. I am so glad to have joined the Women in Focus board as Vice President. Thank you for helping me procure this show at the Teahouse. This is a great opportunity that you have opened the door to. Hazel

Dear Jim, Thank you for having such a beautiful tree on my street and introducing me to these glorious flowers. Hazel

Dear Children, Thank you for all your opinions about my photographs, your ever lifting and carrying my boxes and your swift setting up and tearing down my tent to enable my art career. Thanks. Love, Mom

Dearest Reader, Thanks for following my blog and viewing my art. I am always open to feedback and appreciate your support. My show opens today May 3rd and I hope you live close enough to stop in for lunch one day this month. Hazel

Magnolias on Magnolia Street -- May 3 - 29, 2010 at The Roswell Teahouse -- 108 Magnolia Street in Roswell. Learn more on my site. Here are a couple more images to wet your appetite.

Dear POE team, Thanks for all the advice, ideas and support over the past year on Etsy. It really has helped me professionally to be on the team. Hazel


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Hazel...these magnolias are beautiful! I hope that your show goes beyond your wildest expectations...and that those who have the opportunity to view them will be blessed. :)