April 21, 2011

My Favorite Job of All -- Mom

Recently, when I dropped my children off at school in carpool, my oldest son asked me if I knew what the M on the back of the BMW in front of us stood for... I said, "I don't know, magnificent?" My daughter piped in "Magnolia."  This was a fun laugh to start the day. (My etsy shop is named magmoment because of magnificent and magnolias.)

The children dress up at school when their team has a game after school. On a game day, I got a text from my oldest "They did a terrible job of starching my shirt." I wrote him back. "So sorry. Maybe you can get your money back." But later working the concession stand, I heard several stories from moms who didn't have clean, starched shirts for their children to wear and what they did. I was thinking I've ironed dirty shirts in the morning too, but this time, I had been to the cleaners. So this was a little sign, that I am making it as a mom.

Just this past weekend, I was telling my college roommate at our alumnae reunion that I am doing my very best to avoid working, so I can be with my kids. This past week I drove to school in the middle of the day twice. Once for an orthodontist appointment and second day to take a child to school late who needed to sleep in. This is my job that I really love.

 I hope your mom is great, good enough, and that you realize what good stuff she gave to you while you can appreciate it and let her know. Don't send real flowers this year, send something from my flower shop instead. My photographs will last forever.

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