April 28, 2011

Starting the Lawn Mower Each Spring

I would like to officially publish a bit about the lawn mower. Like last year, my lawn mower would not start this season. After a couple days of trying, I went to Sears and bought a "kit" with a spark plug, oil, fuel stabilizer and a new air filter. I changed the air filter and spark plug and my lawn mower still didn't start. I then checked the price of a new lawn mower -- $283, which didn't interest me!

I apologized to the neighbor across the street for high grass and he said it was probably the old gas, so today I added a teaspoon (about) of the fuel stabilizer to my gas in the tank. (It says not to do this on the bottle.) I then went to Home Depot and bought the correct spark plug (the one in the kit did not have the right numbers on it) and changed the spark plug again.

Determined, I started trying to start it again. And, then I finally started smelling gas today for the first time this year. I told myself that it worked in the Fall and it was still working and kept trying to start it. And, what do you know! I have never been so happy to mow my lawn today.

I guess it is best to use that gas at the end of the year or pour it into the car. Buy new gas each year for your lawn mower.

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