May 24, 2011

Canton Festival of the Arts Success!

What a fun art show! I thought I would share my new booth shots here from the Canton Festival of the Arts. I added matted 11" x 14" works which fit a 16" x 20" frame picture in the bin above.

I am offering more canvas works at each show. Here is a shot from another angle. I am printing these large canvases (24" x 36") now. I love this product and hope you do too. They sell between $329 unframed and $429 framed. Each canvas has a protective finsh on it.

I am beginning my second year on the show circuit and I have learned so much. Thank you everyone for attending art festivals!

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Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Hazel... it looks beautiful! I am doing a craft / art sale in 2-3 weeks and so I have been browsing the POE team threads and found this. Thanks for sharing your set up!