October 02, 2009

People photographs Week 2

Continuing the photography class this week. We will discuss Annie Leibovitz's work. She is an amazing portrait creator. Here is a link to a recent New York Times article about her financial problems, which seem to be on-going. Regardless, her ability to capture amazing shots of people is something to study and learn from. While we discuss Annie's work and style, we will talk about capturing people on film. Most cameras these days have many settings to "get the red out" of eyes and photography programs help with that as well. Try different settings and lighting to determine what is best for your camera. BUT the most important part of capturing a person may be to turn the camera so that it is portrait. See my blog entry about portrait shots.

The assignment for next week's class is to create a portrait of a family member(s) only one person per shot please. This will require many practices to acheive a final image. Please bring multiple examples to class.

Here is a recent portrait I captured. This July, at a performance for http://www.culturedkid.com/, Michael Levine played and sang for a summer camp. Michael is an amazingly talented singer, song-writer living in the Atlanta area. He is especially gifted at playing guitar. CulturedKid is my birthday party business. I create art and science parties. Learn more at www.culturedkid.com/party.html.

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