October 20, 2009

Turquoise, Teal and Aqua Dreams

So, what is in a dream? I am talking about the rich kind we can control, change and affect. I find that writing them down and talking about them gets them out on the table and happening. Inside my head, they fester and die.

In June 2007 I visited Spain, specifically Barcelona. I was shocked at how different the city looked than the states. I could not put my camera down. In all I took 886 photographs. On the way home on the airplane I told myself I would become a professional photographer. I have been busy at this since stepping back in the U.S. By now, I have developed several different products. My business and dream are growing!

I created this Etsy Treasury with a house, couple, height, ocean, quiet, crafting and dance in mind. Hopefully there is something for everyone here. Open a word document and start typing -- What do you want?

My Treasury has expired (They are only around for 2-3 days) but here is the picture of it below.

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