March 01, 2010

Etsy Treasury

Treasuries are fun to make and serve several purposes on Etsy. Treasuries are a great way to meet other sellers (through their treasuries and by adding new sellers to your own treasuries). I enjoy the challenge of pulling together 12 different artists' works and making the composition work. Treasuries last only 2-3 days.

Another reason to make a treasury is to promote a team on Etsy. There are many teams. I am a member of the POE (Photographers of Etsy) team, and this treasury is all POE photographers' works. This group is active especially in a forum on Etsy. Our team also has a monthly slide show on UTube.

Here I searched Etsy for purple poe art. I found most of these items by looking through pages of photos, but serached  "violet poe art" and "blue poe art" towards the end for a few more different items. I also added "not flower" because I had collected too many flowers. When creating a treasury it is important to have a variety of items, but they need something in common to keep them together. Keeping a color theme constant makes the treasury work best as a whole.

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