March 27, 2010

Mag, which means Great! Amazing! and Spectacular! all in one word!

I thought it fitting that the sign, for such a beautiful tree, be in black and white. A green street sign will not work. And, here I have illuminated the red, stop light, so you take time to stop and look at the Magnolias. Just for the record I only saw one magnolia on Magnolia Street in Roswell, Georgia. Where did all the Magnolias go?

I began taking photographs in Brookhaven at 5:55 PM and finished at 6:37 PM in Brookhaven. I moved to three locations, which were all a few minutes apart. Here are my takes.


Marlene said...

Beautiful, I love Magnolia trees.

readingsully2 said...

Love the tree. :)

LaPerLaa said...

I love magnolia trees. There was a two hunderth year old tree in the garden where I last lived in Milano... it was a hidden treasury and a pleaure to look at in the morning!