December 06, 2010

Found Hobby Lobby

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, we visited my aunt and uncle and many cousins in Tennessee to celebrate my aunt's birthday. This was a fun family reunion! to be sure... But I also learned a great deal in a brief conversation with my uncle. I am always thinking about new products and The Gift Box in Big Shanty suggested that items under $20 would sell best this holiday. (I have my art at Big Shanty till December 17th.)

I do sell ACEOs, which retail for $5, but I have been thinking about creating another inexpensive product. So as I was exploring my Uncle's garage with him... we discussed framing and he told me to visit Hobby Lobby. Weird that I haven't been to this particular craft store, as I love that kind of shop.

When I returned to Atlanta, I searched Hobby Lobby and visited the Ashford Dunwoody location. Here's the video from my tour.

And, yes, I found the stretcher bars. I am practicing stretching my own work... but it will be a while before I start selling my own stretching because I am determined to sell a high quality product, and it is hard to gallery wrap pre-printed canvas.

As a caution... hobby lobby is not open on Sundays. But I do recommend visiting their shop another day. The chain has 462 stores in 39 states.


readingsully2 said...

Hazel, I am very familiar with hobby lobby. Great place but a bit expensive compared to Michaels and Joanne's. :)

MagMoment said...

I haven't noticed the money difference yet, but there is a big difference in the stock in the stores. Michael's seems to target the crafter and maybe Hobby Lobby someone more serious.