December 23, 2010

Red Top Mountain was Glowing Tonight

I have been to Red Top Mountain State Park in Georgia in the past. But tonight it seemed different. But maybe that is the lesson here. Everything looks more beautiful in the right lighting. Red Top's scenery is controlled by the Lake Allatoona Dam located off of exit 290 on highway 75. Tonight the water level was moderate, but the park was still relaxing and pretty. If you are looking for a water adventure, call first and check the water level. The dam was built in 1940s to control the flooding in the Cartersville and Rome watersheds. The dam was built by the Army Corps of Engineers and much of the area is maintained by the corps. There is a museum in their Visitor's Center, which we did not visit, but is a must see to understand the area. Red Top Mountain State Park includes a mountain bike trail, beach and putt-putt for children. It is on Lake Allatoona.
50 Lodge Rd SE
Cartersville , GA 30121
(I am visiting, photographing, and blogging all of the GA state parks in one year. This is park number 6 out of 48).

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