December 27, 2010

Take your Kids to the Booth Museum During the Holiday Break

Ansel Adams never looked so good. The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia is hosting an exhibit of 131 photographs printed by Adams himself until Feb. 20, 2011. Both these book cover photographs pictured here are included in the show. (I did not see the books in the museum shop though.) His images are all black and white photographs framed in a light wood frame. The photograph to the left is of aspens and one of my favorites from the show.
I enjoyed the presentation by John Mariana a few weeks ago at the Roswell Photographic Society. He is presenting Ansel Adams again at the Southeastern Photographic Society on Jan. 7. It was a nice slide show/history of the man and his work.

As a special bonus... the museum hosts a presidential room, which includes photographs, a letter, the translation and four facts on each President of the United States. My children enjoyed this room and read all of the materials and asked questions. This was a really nice family outing to the Booth Museum. This museum is in the north eastern section of Georgia off highway 75 and exit 288, not too far from Tennessee and Alabama, well worth the drive.

Pictured to the left here is a photography platform that Adams created for the top of his car. Wouldn't I love one of those on top of my Highlander! Would other photographers buy one of these? Maybe my luggage carrier could be converted into a platform.

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