January 30, 2011

A New Kind of Scrabble and A Way to Live

So scrabble wasn't my favorite game, in part because I have always played with competitive people. The other day I played with my children and a friend. During the game my friend started helping us. It was kinda weird helping each other, but it changed the mood of the game. (And made us all practice each turn.)

At one point my daughter showed us BUNGALO and asked if that was how to spell it. We got out the dictionary and used it to help us for the rest of the game (instead of challenging each other).  We became a team helping one another and bonded in the family room.

In Seth's style... Do you follow Seth Godin? He's good and succinct.

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Nicole Rushin said...

Of course I read Seth Godin. Sometimes his messages just hit home. Can't believe the things he comes up with. What a creative genius. This sounds like a great way to play scrabble - I have always been turned away by competitive people so this sounds much more appealing to me. But if you are all playing together who wins? Or does it matter?