July 11, 2011

Memphis is All about Music

304 miles

Mud Island Sunset
We made our way to Memphis. The city is in the SW corner of Tennessee and on the border of Arkansas. The Mississippi River divides the two states. There are four bridges that cross the Mississippi at Memphis. Here is a pretty sunset of Mud Island, which is on the mississippi river and maintained by the City of Memphis and below "Six Birds on a Wire."
Elvis, Johnny Cash and B.B. King all got their start in Memphis, TN. We visited the Rock N Soul Museum. The exhibit was educational and a good value. It was very easy to walk to from downtown. I told one of my children that some time "easy is better." The movie we saw at the beginning had sections repeated later on the listening devices. This needs to be fixed because I wasn't as interested in listening after that happened a couple of times.

At the end of the museum there was a Beatles Hidden Gallery Exhibit of photographs by Paul Berriff. He was a 16 year old boy when he began photographing musicians. On the left is the gallery's explanation of the exhibit. I thought this could be motivating to my fellow photographers.

I included this small write up about printing of the photographs, as an example for art shows. His photographs were flawless and entertaining.

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