July 22, 2011

Wide Open Spaces in Kansas

606 miles

We drove across Colorado and Kansas today. What a great way for the children to learn which order the states are in and where they are relative to each other.

As we drove along Interstate 70 (I rarely travel back and forth from a place the same route... even at home). We needed somewhere to stop for dinner. I already learned on my journey across Oklahoma to keep the car filled up with gas. But like the sparce gas stations, there weren't a lot of restaurants in Kansas, so I headed South towards Salina, Kansas when we were hungry, which is 5 miles off of the interstate.

We found Martinelli's Little Italy  using the new iPhone app called AroundMe. The restaurant is located at 158 S Santa Fe in Salina. It was a great value. And, the food was all served quickly. Our waiter was friendly and efficient. I especially liked the caesar salad and manicotti.

Across the street you will find Steve Martin on July 31 and Josh Turner on Aug. 19.  This is a city not to be missed.

And, we happen to be listening to the Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis. Notice the name of the theater here... This story is set in 1963. The audio book is a collection of short stories that all fit together and work separately if you have listeners fading in and out. The African American family ultimately makes a road trip to Birmingham, AL. They have just arrived in Birmingham in the book. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by our little town! Tony at Martinellis.