October 02, 2011

Participate in a Portfolio Review for a New Perspective

This weekend I spent $300 and 140 minutes that will change the course of my photography in many ways. I am sifting through my notes and thoughts about the reviewers' comments. More than anything I received many new ideas about where to sell my art.

I was honored to participate in the Atlanta Celebrates Photography's Portfolio Review. This year I was lucky to meet with Kevin Miller, Dana Salvo, Jennifer Ward, Steven Kasher and Michael Itkoff. All five were smart and articulate. They had great suggestions and direction. The simple purpose of the review is, perhaps, to edit a final portfolio for showing gallery owners or other potential clients. I met with each reviewer for 20 minutes and took many notes.

Preparing my portfolio, picking images, and printing them was just as important as the event itself. The directions were to present 15-20 images in a hinged box. The photographs were to be sized from 11 x 14" to 20 x 24" and of one body of work. I chose an archival box by Century.  I selected a variety of my floral images all sized to 20 x 24". For the event, I selected a range of colors and flowers.

Fellow photographers, Dorothy O'Connor, Gail Des Jardin and Anne Berry were in attendance for their reviews too. And, I met many new-to-me photographers in the review waiting room. One part I especially loved was seeing other photography papers being used and learning what paper they were from the photographer.

In case this has you thinking... there is an upcoming photography portfolio review in New Orleans in December called PhotoNola. Los Angeles held a similar event, MOPLA in April. And, next March 16 - April 3, 2012 Houston will host their international event, FotoFest, which includes portfolio reviews for 500 artists.

You'll find out what actions I take as the year progresses, but in the meantime, I hope you will find a portfolio review to attend nearby.

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