October 13, 2011

Print on canvas to Epson 3800

I recently purchased a 44" Epson 9880 printer, so I can print on canvas directly. Prior to that I was printing on canvas with my Epson 3800 by adding a strip of cardstock to the back of the canvas.

Cut 3/4 inch card stock strips the exact width of canvas.

Attach strip to back of canvas double sided tape.

Here's how I made it work for me. I cut a 1 inch strip from 110 pound cardstock the exact length of my paper. Then I attach 3/4 inch removable double-sided poster tape to the backside of the canvas. After that I adhere the cardstock strip (keeping everything perfectly straight) to the back of the canvas.

I set up a new paper size for my printer .25 inch longer than the paper size because it is .25 inches longer. In this case, I used the watercolor paper choice for the printer. Canvas is available in cut pages from dickblick.com. After I let the canvas dry, I take the canvas to a framer to stretch. Afterwards, I add a coat of finish either spray or brush on, so that the image is protected.

How do you print to canvas?

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