October 12, 2011

Pick Up a Box of Crayons for a Lot of Color

Looking for some ideas?

I bought a box of 24 crayons today to see what colors were in the box. Besides the usual
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet there were gray, white, black and brown crayons.

There were a couple things that surprised me about the box. There wasn't a plain "pink" crayon.
I also was surprised to see the three languages on the crayons, but this makes perfect sense from a production point of view and children learning point of view. Wow!

There was the paint color celeron inside the 24 crayon box. I am hoping payne's gray is in the larger box of crayons... and I loved finding out that Amarillo (Texas) is the color yellow in Spanish.

Great photography assignment -- Pick up a box and shoot!

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