June 10, 2009

TripTik Travel Planner from AAA

We are planning our 5th road trip with bikes in tow.

The first was driving up the outer banks of North and South Carolina. The car ferry ride was definitely a highlight.
The second was to Washington DC. Here we started a tradition of viewing a baseball game.

The third was to Pennsylvania. We drove up to Pittsburgh and then crossed the state. We loved both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. In between we visited Hersey Park and Gettsburg. This trip home includes stops in Atlantic City, and Norfolk and a ferry ride.

Thje fourth was the most adventuresome and included passports because we drove through Ohio and Michigan into Canada to Toronto and then to Montreal. We drove back through Niagra Falls and West Virginia.

Each year we also camp on our trips, which allows us to stay in some nice hotels on the other nights.

So how do I do this? With the aid of AAA. Their TripTik software is super. Of course it allows me to book hotels on-line. I like the map that I can zoom into, which plots attactions, parks, pro sports venue, and lodging. I end up with incredibly easy to follow directions. It has total mileage like mapquest.com and yahoomaps.com, but I like the printout that AAA creates that is landscape instead of portrait.
Also, because I am a member, I can go to AAA and pick up free TourBooks and maps of each state. I recently requested they add more than 22 destinations or points on the map, and their programmers already had this on their list of tasks. So, check it out. Let me know what you think. This image above is from their software. Notice the choices in the list. Once you select an option, a couple more dropdowns appear and then the software adds the point to the map.
Oh, I almost forgot... I am armed with lots of books on CD at the beginning of the trip. I'll talk about those in another post. Happy camping!

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