June 11, 2009

Women in Focus Photography Group -- Atlanta

I attended the monthly Women In Focus meeting last night. We held a critique where we offered our own comments about 5 works from fellow members. This was an inspiring event. It also reiterates how important it is to obtain feedback from other people. Also, viewing a lot of works can help me gleam perspective about where I am at with my work.

And, it is so important to learn about shows and other opportunities to get my name out there. These women are in the know. This Atlanta women's group will be holding several shows in October. The steps involved in choosing 6 works I like, printing them (or having them printed) and giving them titles and prices and mailing them in to a potential show is in many ways exhilarating. The last step is framing those images that are chosen, so I don't submit anything I don't want to frame.

Shoot more images. Membership is only $25/year. Our next meeting is July 8th. Don't miss it.

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