August 31, 2009

Behind the Scene at the Art Festival

279 miles to Beckley, WV

Beckley is my father's old stomping ground... My grandfather worked in the coal mines repairing equipment in Minden, WV. There is a coal mine here in Beckley that we toured a couple of summers ago. The Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine was operational and really portrays the hard work that went on in the mines. The tour takes you underground into the mine. The facility includes a coal camp and a gift shop.

So what is it like to stand in a booth all day? Honestly, I love it! The compliments were flowing this weekend. One of my favorites was a woman who told me she had just taken 16,000 photographs for a film. Clearly this was a true professional, and she told me I had a "good eye!" Thank you to everyone for the two days of compliments! A realestate professional asked me to shoot his properties... But I don't live there. This is an idea though!

I especially enjoyed talking to Julio (send me your links) and also Pete (I'll look for his card when I unpack) who are both photographers. One woman invited me to join in dancing next time I was in Pittsburg because of talk about the "Waltz" image. (If she only knew how tired my legs were at the end of the day...) And another neat lady told me about a purple bridge about an hour from the show. I can't wait to track that down!

Yes, I took many bridge shots in Pittsburgh. Here's the first from the Rachel Carson Bridge.

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