August 07, 2009

Solid as a ROCK! Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

Wow! What a nice surprise... and everyone wanted to return for a longer day.
We visited Stone Mountain park today for the bike ride and laser show. The laser show has been playing most of the summer. The bike ride is good. It is a perfect introduction to climbing hills. There are 2 loops around the base of the mountain. We rode the smaller, and it is about 6 miles.

The laser show was a cool mix of light and music. The music included Georgia songs, Georgia singer' songs and an American section. The lights included neat cartoons and images drawn on the mountain, photographs projected, fireworks, strobe lights and a little fire. Altogether the show was about 45 minutes. We paid only $10 to park and the show was included. We brought a nice picnic to eat before hand and had memorable evening. I even created a couple cool photographs.

The show is playing

Aug. 15, 22, 29 at 9:30
Sept. 5-7, 12, 19 26 at dusk 8:30ish.
Saturdays in October at 8 PM
Don't miss it.

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