August 01, 2009

Making a cake? Need frosting?

Today's question is how do you make frosting. My first response (ugh!) was "Use the can." Ah, but they wanted to decorate on top of the chocolate frosting.

For this I suggested checking the side of the Confectioner's Sugar box. I'll half the recipe here for decorating only (double for a whole cake) and add my own directions.

8 oz confectioner's sugar
1/4 C country crock
2 T milk
1/2 t Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract
food coloring

Sift sugar and combine all ingredients and mix with electric mixer on low speed. Divide the frosting into several bowls and add food coloring one drop at a time until happy with the color.

I am convinced that the vanilla in my cupboard is delicious and causes foods like ice cream and frosting to be amazing.

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