February 08, 2010

Do YOU care?

It's that time of year when caring is paramount. But caring should be part of our EVERY day. This is one of the challenges of parenthood. Raising children that care. How to teach it?

This is my latest that I created around caring. I love making treasuries because I can make a statement with other people's artwork. I did add my Adopt a Pet plaque because I am so crazy about my dog I found recently. I did not want her to go to the pound, so I brought her home. What a good choice! But it was a caring one.

Children learn from example and setting them daily is the best way to get the lesson across. But first of all I make it a point to be caring in my relationships. I care that my daughter forgot her sleepover bag and was willing to take it to her. I care that my son forgot his homework and drove it to school. I care that my youngest is sad and try to discover what's up through caring conversation. I care that my son's team is playing and go to basketball games. Give it a shot.

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DJ said...

Wonderful treasury!