February 19, 2010

Lumiere has Weingarten on View Now

What a fun stop on my way home! I rushed into Lumiere Gallery to take some notes on the current show and ended up spending almost one hour. I had a  nice chat with Tony Casadonte @LumiereGallery on twitter. Tony is the Gallery Director and very charming, yet down to earth.

But back to the Robert Weingarten show, which should not be missed and is in Atlanta at Lumiere Gallery until March 20, 2010. The works are for sale and range in price from $4000-$50,000. The smallest is 11x14" and the largest 40x60". The links below are to Weingarten's site and inlcude more work than is at the gallery. The works at the gallery may not be on the site as well. The links are just meant to inspire and motivate you while giving you the flavor of the photographer.

At Lumiere there are
15 photographs from the series 6:30 AM
13 black and white Amish photographs
13 works in the palette series
11 images from the landscape as a symphony series
2 images from Portrait Unbound the new exhibit at the High Museum. (which I will review next)

As a special highlight, the gallery is hosting a video conference with Weingarten on Saturday, Feb. 20 from 1 -2 PM. This will be a nice opportunity to learn more about photography and the artist.

By far my favorites were in the 6:30 AM series. The sunsets were all about color and clouds. These 15 works were all taken during 2003 from Weingarten's home in California overlooking the Santa Monica Bay. I am so jealous! His series stems from Alfred Steiglitz's coment that "no photographer should travel anywhere for a picture if he cannnot find one close to home." Of course, Weingarten can take a beautiful, breathe taking photograph from anywhere. I imagine...

My thought and recommendation has always been to take the photogaphs in your own yard because no other photograph lives there. Your yard/neighborhood can become your niche or in to the world of photography or any medium.


Photo Blog said...

sounds like a great exhibit and great photographer. thanks for the links to his work. i especially love the 6:30am series. very cool.

PhotoGrunt said...

I like that, "no photographer should travel anywhere for a picture if he cannot find one close to home."

I couldn't agree more! I've always thought that if one were to look, one could make an interesting image anywhere, not just in exotic locals. Mr. Weingarten seems to subscribe to that notion. Nice post!

Magmoment said...

Thanks for the comments.

PhotoBlog You are welcome about the links.

PhotoGrunt Thanks for the compliment!