February 04, 2010

Southeastern Flower Show Opens Today

The SE Flower Show opens today and I am so honored to have four images in the show. But best of all, I have received a third place for my image titled Joy, pictured to the left. And, two of my flowers, Waltzing and Spring received honorable mentions.

The Flower Show is Thurs., Fri., and Sat 10 AM until 8 PM at the Cobb Galleria. There are 105 images in the photography exhibit, chosen from 400 submissions. It was judged by Larry Winslett and Marianne Lambert. Following is the list of winners.

P-6 - Landscape

1st Phyllis Hlavac Middle Prong River - Best in Show!
2nd Tom Query Forest Primeval
3rd George Bradfield Grand

Honorable Mentions:  Kim Bates Trunks and Shadows; David Dennard Tree; Gail Stewart First Light

P-9 Flowers (this class is double the size of the others)

1st Alan Thiese Night Blooming Cereus
2nd George Bradfield Bud & Bloom
3rd John Enslow Bedazzled

Honorable Mentions: Hazel Berger Waltzing; Hazel Berger Spring; David Foster Backlit Tulip; Valerie Gruner Coneflower; Rita Songer Poppies; Murphy Townsend White Tulip; Murphy Townsend Orange Dahlia; Brad Wilson Cypripedium parviflorum; Anne Wisgo Interlude

P-11 Travel

1st John Mariana Tyrolean Village
2nd Anne Wisgo Caution
3rd Leslie Clements Margarita Island

Honorable Mentions: Leslie Clements Zapote; Roy Gordon Tuscan Landscape; Jerome Roberts Ghosts of the Past

P-13 People and Other Critters

1st John Clemmer Wet Hawk
2nd Pamela Keene Maasai Elder
3rd Hazel Berger Joy

Honorable Mentions: Kim Bates American Icon; David Dennard Dog; John Enslow Waipu'ilani; Brad Wilson Thread-waisted wasps

P-12 Water Features

1st. Jennifer Clements Naples Botanical Garden - Most Creative Image!
2nd Debbie Paulding Cypress Party
3rd Roy Gordon Biltmore Reflections

Honorable Mentions: Karen Beedle Fall Ripple; Al Levine Flow; Gittel Price Water Crystals

P-16 All Things Green

1st Meg Dreyer Untitled (Green 2-for i.d. purposes)
2nd Brad Wilson Froghouette
3rd Ted Maloof Swampscape 3

Honorable Mentions: Kim Bates Beyond Green; Brad Wilson Green Tree Frog


Pam Lefcourt said...

Way to go Hazel!! Beautiful shot there....

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

Congrats!! What a sweet photo.