February 15, 2010

NCAA Lacrosse Duke vs Bucknell

I attended my first lacrosse game this weekend. It seemed faster than football and soccer. But the ball was hard to find in a player's cage. The game kept my interest. Duke and Bucknell seemed pretty evenly matched as the game was officially tied until an overtime was played. Duke scored in the sudden death playoff and won 12-11.

Each team had 10 players on the field at a time. There is a white/pink colored ball about the size of a tennis ball that is tossed around with these sticks pictured. Three players guard the goal in addition to the goalkeeper. Three attack the opponent's goal and three midfielders play the whole field. These college teams were made up of about 40 players each. The game seemed agressive, but not that physical. The four quarters went by quickly. This game was played at McEachern High School and the stands were fairly full for it to have just snowed in Georgia and all other activities at the cobb county schools were cancelled.

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