September 29, 2010

James H. Floyd State Park All about Water

Like to fish? James H. Floyd Georgia State Park is a beautiful background for lake activities. We stopped at the park on the way home (to Atlanta) from Cloudland Canyon. My GPS wasn't exactly sure how to get in the park through the front or back gate, but I figured it out.

This was a really beautiful tree in the park. Notice all the bark is white. Do you know why? I will have to research.

Photography assignment... don't take your photographs at noon. This is when I happen to be at this park and took my photos. They are pretty, but they would be better later or earlier in the day. As an assignment -- take a photograph in the middle of the day outside and take the same subject in the same spot much later in the day. Which do you like better?

Below is the upper lake at Floyd. Click here for a park map. I include the paddle boats in my photograph because that was my companion's real interest here.

To the right is an image of the lower lake. Notice the people fishing on the right and the boat in the foreground.
2800 Sloppy Floyd Lake Rd
Summerville , GA 30747

(I am visiting, photographing, and blogging all of the GA state parks in one year. This is park 4/48)


Kathleen said...

Lovely photographs! I really like the tree, too - very striking. It must be a fun project to photograph and blog about all of the GA state parks! I bet there are some gorgeous ones in your area =)

MagMoment said...

Thanks, Kathleen. On the way to cloudland canyon I found a very cool tree in someone's yard/farm that I wanted to photograph, but the lighting wasn't the best. I actually saved the location on my GPS and called it "tree." I hope to return to take those images!

Marlene said...

These are beautiful photos, I would love to visit this lovely park in person. It is so inviting and your photos capture that.

MagMoment said...

Thanks Marlene! My son wanted to spend the night there in a tent because he wanted to ride the paddle boats!

readingsully2 said...

Great shots.