September 07, 2010

Savannah Georgia Riverstreet Festival Busy

There was a diverse crowd in Savannah, Georgia for Labor Day. My art is now on the way to new homes in Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Kansas, Michigan and of course, Georgia.  I stayed at Skidaway Island State Park and was able to setup my REI Base Camp 6 (pictured on the left) by myself for the first time. (I usually have help.) It took 45 minutes to completely set up and store my stuff. We would buy a kingdom 6 today because it is lighter.

When I bought the base camp 6 in 2005, I had just spent the night in a tent that leaked and I wanted to be very dry. Because of my paranoia, the REI staff recommended adding a liquid waterproofer to the seams. I set up the tent in my house in the middle of the night and began waterproofing. Unfortunately, this needed to be applied with plastic gloves, and I could not get the stuff off my hands. I desperately drove from store to store without touching the steering wheel!?! looking for a solution remover. I did find one, but everytime I see that goop on those tent seams it makes me chuckle. The tent has been wonderful and kept us very dry. The ground cloth is one of the keys to keeping the tent dry. It is often wet, but the tent dry.

Thanks everyone who came out to check out my art at the show. I am looking forward to the Sandy Springs Festival the last weekend in August. Of course I took lots of photographs and will post later.

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