September 10, 2010

My New Adventure through the Georgia State Parks

Thank you Julie Powell author of Julie and Julia. I am inspired to a challenge myself. I have decided to visit all of the Georgia State Parks in the next year and photograph and blog about them. There are 48 state parks, and I work on the weekends, but I can do it! I began last weekend 9/4/2010 with three overnights in Skidaway Island State Park. That same weekend I visited Wormsloe Historic Site. Wormsloe is an amazing estate and an incredible visual of how wonderful it really is to have a child. Mr. Wormsloe planted 400 oak trees lining his "driveway" in honor of the birth of his son. Here are my images of the drive. (I am awaiting the park's permission before selling these works.)

My children are amazing to me ♥ I love how they are just like me in many ways and completely different than me in other ways ♥ They all have a wonderful stubborn streak ♥ My oldest I love to joke with ♥ My youngest is my fix it, install it, do it kid ♥ And my middle child, exactly that easy-going everything's good, "blow it off, mom" child ♥ There are many days when I see them and say I'm done ♥ I did exactly what I was here for... and then I go shoot a few more photographs ♥ Yes, Mr. Wormsloe we should all go plant that amazing row of trees in honor of those cherubs ♥ I am off to share these beautiful georgia parks with you ♥

Wormsloe Historic Site
7601 Skidaway Rd
Savannah , GA 31406

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