August 18, 2011

Providence Canyon Georgia State Park is a Must See

Notice the Trail in the Canyon
The three mile rim trail at Providence Canyon could convince you to take up hiking. This was the quietest place I have been in a long time. Talk about peaceful! I will include an image from this park in my upcoming photography show at REI Perimeter, Atlanta.

Don't get out of your car until you reach the visitor center because part of the rim trail is along the street as you drive in and that will spoil the views. The signs at this park say to wear hiking boots, bring [lots of] water and [easy to carry]  food. I would add to wear a hat and bring a friend. Be sure to sign in as you enter the canyon.

Children will especially enjoy this park (not for anyone with a health issue) because there is immediate enjoyment and lots to explore. The dramatic landscape is appealing and condensed into a small area. And, there were several abandoned cars along the rim hike (not removed because it would cause too much damage to the environment). The walk to the canyon floor is a short hike and canyons are close by.
Abandon Car
Another couple walked into canyons 1 and 2 and said that it was very muddy and the path was over grown. This could be a great project for Friends of Georgia State Parks. If you purchase an annual park pass, you automatically become a member. Admission to the parks is $5, so the $50 parking pass pays for itself quickly.

Here is a link to a detailed map of the park. Print this map before you go, so you have a color version.

8930 Canyon Road
Lumpkin , GA 31815
Unidentified Plant
Rare plum leaf azaleas grow here, but I didn't see any blooming on 8/17/2011. But I found this plant on the left. Do you know what this is?

I preferred the drive down to Columbus, Georgia on 185, exiting at 1A; this seemed like less time on back roads. After visiting Providence, be sure to leave time to watch the sun set at Florence Marina State Park. These parks are about 16 miles apart and are about 2.5-3 hours south of Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

loved your photos. FYI - Unidentified plant is Kudzu in bloom.

Hazel Berger said...

Wow! I had no idea! I can't believe it is so intricate. Thank you for posting your comment!