August 23, 2011

Unsolicited Advice is Fun at Art Festivals

I really enjoy meeting the public at art festivals. I actually take notes in my receipt book during a show. People see my art and get to talking and one thing leads to another. I thought I'd share some notes from my past shows.

A lawyer asked me if I had copyrighted Big Flower, Little Bird, so I did the very next day. I recommend doing this yourself without a lawyer. If you happen to use Etsy, then look back in your bills and find the first time you listed that item as the "first use." I also recommend only copyrighting images that you are selling. No need to copyright an image that might not sell.

Recently, a birder recommended the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds. This is definitely a super reference book to take on your adventures.

A browser recommended I apply to the Marist School Holiday Traditions art show on November 5, 2011. I have another obligation this year, but thought I would share this info. At a different art show, a customer recommended the Norfolk, VA Stockley Gardens Art Festival, which is Mother's Day weekend.

Several vendors in Virginia were using a Light Dome tent, and they highly recommended this tent. I would love a new waterproof tent!

At the Sunflower Farm Festival, a customer told me that Panola Mountain State Park in Georgia has a night hike the night of the full moon each month.

So, please leave a comment with great advice you received at an art festival... or if you are in the mood, leave me some unsolicited advice.

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