August 19, 2011

Take your Boat to Florence Marina -- Georgia State Park

Now I want a boat! Just to take it to Florence Marina! I can't believe something so beautiful and relaxing exists so close to my home. This Georgia State Park is part of Eufalla National Wildlife Refuge. I saw beautiful wading birds, spanish moss and peace.

There is a map on page 2 here of the entire refuge, which includes Florence Marina for perspective. Enlarge and print this map before you go. You can view it in your computer by right clicking on the map and select rotate clockwise.

The marina is on the north end of the refuge on Lake Walter F George off of the Chattahoochee River. I saw lots of wildlife here. The US Fish and Wildlife site says that wading birds migrate to here November - February.
Florence Marina State Park
218 Florence Road
Omaha , GA 31821

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