August 26, 2010

Serenbe is Worth the Trip

The Serenbe community in Palmetto, Georgia is a city out of the past and the future all in one. This quiet community is one where you can safely leave your keys sitting in the ignition or pocket book in your car without worrying about either disappearing, but don't, just in case. The community was created to get away from it all. And, they did. There isn't a red light for miles. And, what a lovely photography place.

Serenbe Photography Center  ♥  9110 Selborne Lane ♥  Palmetto, Georgia 30268 ♥ 770-463-9098

I first made this hour trek from Atlanta for the opening of the Serenbe Photography Center many months ago. Recently, I traveled back to utilize their digital lab and 44" Epson 9600. I bought a roll of canvas, and I store it there at the center. Yesterday, we pulled it out and put it in the printer, and I printed ten nature images for about $100 for the ink and lab time (canvas cost not included). The largest was 16" x 24" and the smallest 8" x 8". The center has rolls of photography paper and adds that cost on if you don't bring your own. This is a great place to go to determine if you want to buy a big printer. But, how else would you be able to print a gigantic copy of your photograph without spending a fortune?

To enlarge your digital image to these big dimensions in photoshop, select the following:

Image/ Image Size 
click in the width drop down and change pixels to percent
Type 110 in the width box
Repeat until the image is the size you need.

In addition to the digital lab, they have traditional black and white lab and a color lab for traditional printing. They have just added new staff to complement Kathryn Kolb, the Exectutive Director. Stephen Brownlee and Loran Hygema are both working at the center to provide assistance and answer questions as needed. Both were very helpful and good resources.

As you see, I brought my camera to give you a feel for the place. I snapped both flower images yesterday at Serenbe. Learn more about Serenbe here. I have eaten at the Blue Eyed Daisy many times now, and the food is delicious.

So, here is your photography assignment. Travel to Serenbe and print a 44" image,

(which I haven't done yet)... and take your camera and take some photographs while you are there. The Photography Center is open Wednesday through Sunday 10-6. But call ahead to set up your lab time.


Diana said...

This is an awesome post. We use those types of plotters to print maps where I work.

I wish I had a place nearby like that!

Thanks for sharing :)

readingsully2 said...

What a great article and a great place. Thanks for sharing.

Erica Lea said...

Wow, that's a printer fantasy! What a beast! Sounds like a really cool place, and Serenbe sounds lovely.