July 26, 2010

Big South Fork National Recreation Area All about Horses

Just back from Tennessee. We rode horses with Southeastern Pack Rides from Jamestown into the Big South Fork National Recreation Area. The park covers 125,000 acres in Kentucky and Tennessee and has 180 miles of horse trail. Our guide, Kristi, took us down the Cumberland Valley Look and to the Laurel Fork Overlook. Nearby we ate our picnic lunch and had a quick swim in the river.

It was fun, and one of the few times all three children enjoyed a difficult activity without complaint. It was a long hard ride, but we all loved trotting and galloping so much, that we put up with the bruises and heat. Below is our picnic site and to the left my horse, Captain. The kids rode  Romeo, Dickson and Rusty.  Other activities available in the park include: camping,  hiking, mountain biking, paddling, hunting and fishing.

P. S. I have tried to shoot photographs from a horse in the past, and it's too wiggly. I suggest you wait until your feet are back on the ground.


Lee said...

Great fun! Thanks for sharing ;)

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Beautiful horse and view! Wow Sounds like you all had fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful trip!