July 07, 2010

Tampa Bay

The Dali museum holds 196 images in St. Petersburg, Florida. The works were of a variety of subjects and sizes. I liked the images best which were of his wife, Gala. He used mixed media, which I thought was interesting. I thought the $12 admission for children over 9 was steep. I needed to prepay with AAA to receive my discount. There was a nice slide show with voice overs. But for those without any previous exposure to Dali, there was something missing. I didn't notice a children's book in the large gift shop, which was almost the size of half of the museum. (But there were several including the World's Greatest Artists series about Dali.) Here is a link to the Dali museum.

Our family tradition is to attend a professional baseball game on our summer road trip. This year we watched Boston lose to the Tampa Bay Rays. We were all rooting for Boston. :( I took several photographs during the game. Here is one.

Before we head out... a nice image to start your day.

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Pam of Always Artistic said...

Sounds like you had fun! Love the sunset!