July 09, 2010

Orlando Universal

95.1 Miles

We enjoyed Universal Studios and Island of Adventure and our $29 campsite in Kissimmee. Considering we were there 9 hours at the most, the green grass, shady tree, electrical outlets and clean restrooms and clean, hot showers were more than you could ask for. Take a quick stop at Orange Grove Campground at 2425 Vineland Road to balance out your summer road trip budget.

We visited Islands of Adventure to ride the amazing Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and the Flight of the Hippogriff and eat at Three Broomsticks. Harry Potter was really unbelievable. We were flying high and really in our own world on a moving vehicle. I recommend re-watching all the movies before visiting! The new exhibit opened on June 18th. Here is a blog of the event with links etc.

Then we located our campground and set up the tent. We headed straight back and rode Spiderman, Popeye and Bruto's water ride and Jurassic Park River Adventure. We did get very wet and needed a way to dry our clothes. Then, we had a quick dinner at Margaritaville, which was okay.

By this time we were very tired and easily slept through the night in our tent. Next morning we made it to the park by 9:10 AM. Again, we chose preferred parking, which got us very close to the entrance. We went straight to the back of Universal Studios. We rode Simpson's Krustyland, which was a nice simulation roller coaster and then Men in Black Alien Attack twice. This was a shooting aliens game like Buzz Light Year. Our high score was 116,000. Next we took a ride with ET to save his world. We enjoyed a quiet lunch at NBA City. We watched Fear Factor Live, which I didn't care for and won't tune into, but the kids enjoyed it.

Twister was fun because it really gave a nice behind the scenes view of making the movie. We experienced a mini tornado on the set. Jimmy Newtron's Nicktoon Blast was okay, but we could see all  the riders as we experienced our ride. We picked up a best spongebob kit, which reminds me of Mr. Potato Head.

I need to check these spellings and details later today. Have a great one!

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Pam of Always Artistic said...

Wow I bet the kids love this. Sounds like such a fun place to visit as a family! I am exhausted just reading about it though! lol