July 14, 2010

Naples Really Stands Out

What a beautiful city -- Naples, Florida. The flowers lining the streets were exotic and blooming! My daughter said, "That was the best beach we went to." The fishing must be good to as there were so many pelicans hanging out at the beach. I did try to talk everyone into eating without me, so I could take photographs, which I would have preferred! But I was sitting enjoying a shrimp dinner while the sun fell into the ocean. I found another waitress to bring me the check and was able to catch the tail end of the sunset.

Total mileage: 1792

We are back home now. A friend asked why we "just went to Florida" (it's a neighboring state) instead of a longer road trip like usual. There were a lot of reasons we went to Florida. I wanted to add beach photographs to my portfolio, and it was close. But honestly, I will be hurrying back because there really was so much to see in so many places. I think LeBron make a good choice to move to Florida, and I would love to move there. If you live in Florida on the gulf coast and have lots of flowers blooming in your city, like Naples, let me know. I'll stop by!


Pam of Always Artistic said...


Welcome Home! Can't wait to see all the many images you took show up in your shop!

Pam of Always Artistic said...

P.S. I just signed up to follow you! But will have to be as I get time and not every post, I am following so many blogs already!