July 30, 2010

More to Big South Fork than the Trails

The park is host to hundreds of sandstone arches. Visit the National Park Service's page on  Big South Fork to learn more. On the left, I pulled this photograph out of my previous visit, published it and am adding to my Etsy shop. It is titled Path.

I like this pretty Fall image because it is about the path into the forest. Where are you going? I know exactly where I am heading with my art... I am just not sure how many turns I will make. This photograph is of one of the twin arches located in Big South Fork Recreation Area in Tennessee. I am preparing photographs to send to a store in the area.

I am also sending Sup, below, to the store, which was one of my very  first published images. It is available in my Etsy shop and as notecards too. I think I will travel back to the park this Fall for more photographs. These images are both for sale (along with several others) at The Hitching Post in Jamestown, Tennessee.

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Tania Cavenecia Torres said...

This national park looks just beautiful, love your photos!